Library remodel

Library exterior renovations move forward

The Algona City Council voted at the regular meeting on June 20 to support an Algona Public Library board decision to approve a change order with Henkel Construction for the Library Renovation Project in the amount of $669,884.

The change order was approved by the library board on June 17, 2022. The amount includes renovations to the exterior of the building but not parking lot expenses. Work on the exterior is planned for 2022, with parking lot improvements to follow in 2023. Improvements to the interior were completed in 2021.

The library board manages the library budget, which includes allocations received from the City of Algona and donations received from outside organizations and individuals.

“I want to thank the library board, staff and Friends of the Library,” said Algona Mayor Rick Murphy. “The dedication they have shown to the overall renovation project is commendable and the end result for the inside of the building is impressive. They have worked hard to improve the interior space and now it’s time for this next phase. I am grateful for their commitment and ongoing engagement with this project.”

The proposed exterior will include exterior improvements, featuring a metal overhang with translucent panels that will be backlit with LED lighting, as well as the construction of new sidewalk abutting the library building and the construction of small wall, structural supports, glass panels, and openings. 

Library programs are in full swing for the summer, with ongoing summer reading program opportunities, activities for youth, monthly book club meetings, adult coloring and much more. To learn more about upcoming events, call 515-295-5476, visit the Algona Public Library on Facebook or on the web at