Meeting Room A

Meeting Room
Meeting Room
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Responsible Party(Required)
  1. The exterior building door and the interior meeting room door will be programmed to unlock during the hours indicated above. The doors will relock at the indicated time out.
  2. The exterior doors are to remain closed at all times – do not prop open doors.
  3. If early access for setup is requested, a fob will be provided for use during a specified time.
  4. The renter is responsible for the supervision and care of the rented property during the time the doors are unlocked, when accessing the room for early setup with a fob, and/or while cleaning after the event.
  5. The library will not provide personnel to assist in the setup of the room or the handling of any materials for the event.
  6. Library office supplies may not be used by groups renting the room.
  7. After the event, the return of tables, chairs, and other items to their original area is the responsibility of the renter.
  8. The renter will remove all trash and garbage generated at their function. Trash bags may be left in the trash dumpster (not cardboard dumpster) behind the library.
  9. A vacuum and approved cleaning supplies will be provided. Unapproved cleaning products may damage the finish of the library property.
  10. If the Library is closed, access to other areas of the library building is not allowed.
  11. Compensation for any damages or additional staff work time will be determined by the Director.
  12. Room deposits will be returned by mail within 7 days if no compensation charges have been identified and the fob, if provided, has been returned.
Misrepresentation of the provided information or failure to abide by the library’s policies will be cause for denial of further use of the meeting room.
MM slash DD slash YYYY